We are a hybrid music company that focuses on concert production, talent management, and marketing. Our founder: Chairman Rolando Garcia, envisioned to revolutionize the music and entertainment industry. Joined by Music Director, Ian Fajarito, Events Organizer, Perlie Laurente, and Tech Director, Marlon Habanero, the goal is to build and discover new voices from different regions and bring one-of-a-kind music experiences to every Filipino.

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Jhonica Peralta

Sobrang sayaaaa! Looking forward to 2024!!!


We will always be grateful for opportunities like this. To be able to perform and share our music in front of a huge and amazing audience. Thank you for the love, support and energy that you gave off, not only during our set, but for all of the artists included in the line up. Let’s continue to lift each other up! We all need that now, more than ever. Grateful to the organizers and sponsors for this event. Thank you for the experience and for taking great care of us. Padayon 💯

Anna Carmela Dela Cruz

Hahaha! Thank you Bobapalooza Music Festival 💜🤘😎 advance bday gift nadin to. 😍🥰

Join The Club

Best Festival na naging part ang Join The Club ever! Thank you Bobapalooza! 🤘

Maria Celma Tubay

Napaka solid ahahha wala na kong videos kakatalon

Lei Jimenez

it's my first time to attend sa ganitong event, experience was lit!! 😭🤟

Renelyn Gonzales

Sobrang solid!!!! Di ba pwedeng sa october ulit 🙊

Maria Celma Tubay

Napaka solid ahahha wala na kong videos kakatalon

Mary Joy Bagallon Cadiao

Sulit! Kitchie at Zild! 🖤🤘🏻 very good kayo dyan, Bobapalooza Music Festival!! 💗 pleasure, 10/10 would do again!

Rochelle Brotonel

Sana maulit! The grandest nga talaga. Kudos to the organizers!✨✨✨

Rizza Rochelle Ramos-Novelo

Yung puso ko gang ngayon nasa grounds pa din 🥰🥰

Nick South

This has been the best experience we’ve had so far, working with Tech Tribe was just pure pleasure, 10/10 would do again!

Connecting each and every Filipino to amazing music experiences through accessibility and affordability.

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We are music marketing geeks. We know how to create a buzz and generate excitement around your project, whether it's a large-scale concert or an intimate gig. We tailor our marketing approach to suit the specific needs and target audience of each event.

We use a multi-faceted approach to maximize your event's visibility and reach. Our comprehensive marketing strategies encompass digital platforms, social media, traditional advertising, and strategic partnerships. By harnessing the power of these channels, we ensure that your event receives the attention it deserves.

Distribution & Talent Management

We are a music label dedicated to fostering the growth of talented artists through inclusivity and authenticity. Our goal is to propel your music career to unprecedented levels of success using our expertise and innovative strategies. In addition to our extensive network and connections, we also offer assistance in securing sponsorships and partnerships that will enhance your career.

We recognize the significance of branding and will help you establish partnerships with reputable sponsors that resonate with your target demographic.


Experience world-class music production with our label management's exceptional production house, Creative Kartel. We bring your musical visions to life, crafting extraordinary visuals that resonate with audiences worldwide. Our team of talented and seasoned creatives utilizes cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques to deliver unparalleled visual quality and creativity.  Elevate your sound and make your mark in the industry with our unmatched production services.